Walker conversion 104

Dr. Walker undergoes the conversion process

Dr. Corley Walker, played by Don Starr, was a well known and widely-respected medical scientist and Nobel laureate who worked out of the Los Angeles Medical Center.


Dr. Walker was fairly well known scientist and Nobel laureate. He was known to have even played golf with Gerald Ford at one point. He also had some pretty negative opinions of the Visitors. During a chance meeting with Kristine Walsh at the Los Angeles Medical Center, Walker took the opportunity to publicly voice those opinions as well as berate Walsh. When he returned to his office later that day, Brian and several troopers kidnapped him and took Walker to the mothership. Once aboard, he was subjected to the conversion process. After his conversion was complete, it was arranged for him to give an interview to Kristine. The brainwashed Dr. Walker showed a completely different demeanor with her, helping to grow Kristine's distrust of the Visitors.


  • V: The Final Battle (Part 1 only)